Aquarium 101

Everything you need to know to setup an aquarium, and how to promote a healthy aquarium for your guppies. More »

Guppy Care

How to care for guppies. More »

Breeding Guppies

How to breed guppies, and care for guppy fry More »

Guppy Facts

learn facts on guppies such as where they come from, and what they eat. More »

Guppy Genetics

Learn about guppies Genetics. More »



How to Breed  Guppies

Guppies are amazing fish, with such a large amount of species that come in all ranges of shape, colors, and sizes. Guppies are considered the easiest freshwater fish to breed. Even an individual that just started the hobby is able to start a breeding program, and perhaps start their own strain!

*** If you are interested, for the past five years we have been working on a NEW strain of guppies. These are XL guppies, thats right XL! They have been selectively breed for Size! None of our breeding males are under three inches, thats not including the tail! We have had great success, and are currently perfecting the strain before we start selling. Please click here for updated info as to how our breeding project is going! HTBG


Step 1) Aquarium 101 – How to Setup an Aquarium

Step 2) Aquarium 101 – Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle

Step 3) Guppy Facts – Learn Facts about Guppies

Step 4) Guppy Care – Learn how to correctly care for guppies and their fry

Step 5) How to Breeding Guppies – learn what it takes to  Breeding Guppies

Step 6) Guppy Genetics – Learn basic Guppy Genetics

Step 7) Breeding Guppies – Time to buy the fish

Step 8) Aquarium 101 – How to introduce new fish

Step 9) Post you own strains, and check out others new strains they have created

Step 10) Enjoy the hobby

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